Night Cat 36 Specifications

For special multi-function missions, we provide an advanced, lightweight carbon composite boat design with excellent handling at high speeds and improved sea keeping performance over a wide operational range. This mid-range model Twin-V hull provides a solution for missions in higher sea states, with potential for higher speeds, while providing lower weight and better stability to meet multi-function mission requirements.

Physical Characteristics

Design Length: 36′
Length Overall (LOA): 39′
Beam: 11′ 9″
Operational Draft: 3′
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400
Propulsion Machinery: Twin 550 HP Diesels
Weight (fully outfitted): 15,900 Lbs.

Operational Characteristics

Crew Capacity: 4
Passenger Capacity: 6
Cruise Speed (full load condition): 43 Knots
Maximum Range at Cruise Speed: 300 n.m.
Maximum Operating Winds: 35 Knots
Maximum Operating Seas: 8’ significant wave height (survivable in 12’ SWH)

The performance of the IBC Twin-V hull design has been analyzed by Maritime Research Associates LLC for Navy missions. The analysis, which included the selection and matching of hull drag, engine characteristics and the propeller, concludes that the Twin-V hull design improves seakeeping and resulting acceleration performance over the Series 62 hull profile in Sea States 3 and higher. Our design provides full modularity between the boat, payload packages, and within the boat services infrastructure.