Night Cat TVT

IBC Offshore, Inc. (IBC) applies a technologically advanced hull design “Twin V Technology” that incorporates unique hull shapes to reduce shock and vibration to surface craft occupants and increase operability of installed equipment and systems. The highly advanced technology comprises of a high speed, high efficiency boat hull with a full beam, multiple lifting strakes and unique keel step pad allowing the hull to remain in contact with the water while maneuvering, maintaining operator control at all times even in rough sea conditions. The multiple lifting strakes provide lift creating less drag and higher speeds with less horsepower and thus, efficient fuel usage and greater range. It is designed specifically to have a smooth ride and improved stability in wave conditions and in sharp turns and can be adapted to platforms ranging from 27-feet to at least 42-feet.

Twin V Technology – How it Works

Twin V Technology utilizes a patented twin hull shape as the principal mitigation mechanism, making it possible to reduce the need for additional externally mounted systems that add cost and weight to the surface craft. Twin V Technology increases the lateral stability of the craft and creates a natural tendency to track along a straight heading. The interaction of the two unique hulls and tunnel reduces vertical accelerations (rocking, shudder and shock) by 50%, reducing stress and thus improving the ride quality to occupants and the operability of installed equipment and systems. The resulting advantage is a reduction in musculoskeletal injuries to the knees and vertebrae, reduced kidney trauma, decreased brain jarring and increased protection to onboard equipment; all equating to significant ‘through-life’ cost savings to the government.