The standard Night Cat 27 is an Open Cockpit Model Interceptor.  As an option, Intercept Boats now offers a custom, removable, cockpit enclosure to protect the crew from weather and an independent Espar diesel heater, both of which provides the crew with comfort in such case that extended operations are required.


Intercept Boats is an authorized Sunstream Boat Lift dealer.  Sunstream has applied aerospace technology to create the fastest, most reliable boatlift for commercial use on the market today.

Successful field operations require reliable crew communications.  Intercept Boats is proud to offer the Gentex Light Vehicle Intercom System (LVIS) specially designed for crew intercommunications and radio access in tactical vessels.  LVIS is lightweight, rugged and provides the high level of reliability needed.

Every Night Cat 27 is custom built to suit each customers needs.  For customers engaging in frequent patrol and policing requiring boarding operations it is recommended that the Air-Backed Foam Collar be an added solution. 

Intercept Boats offers special packages for Law Enforcement.


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